Recommend: Open Mike Eagle - Rappers will Die of Natural Causes

Rappers will Die of Natural Causes

Open Mike Eagle

Genre - Hip Hop


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Open Mike Eagle’s vocal style is a nice mix of rapping and singing. Good thing he is great at both. This whole album feels fresh, something new to the rap genre. Just watch this video of him preforming live in a studio.

This man has talent. From his wordplay to his beats to his melodies. This man has a nice future in front of him.

This album starts with a one two punch of the incredibly witty and melodic “The Processional” (a song that makes reference to old Weezer (automatic win in my book), avant-garde music and Doom) and launching into the melodic dream that is “Nightmares”. The production is beautiful on this whole album.

"Rappers will die of natural causes" may seem like it’s another "Rap is dead and I’m the savior song" but it’s not. It’s much better than that. It’s talking about the state of Hip-Hop and how it has turned into a society of artists just releasing singles then falling into obscurity. 

Open Mike Eagle has tons of talent, everyone should keep an eye on him.